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To download the source (a kdevelop project), click here.

System Requirements

The library should work on any (POSIX) system. Although I developed it on a Linux box, there is nothing really platform or compiler specific about it. Other than Linux I have successfully tested and used the library on the following platforms:

Platform Compiler Notes
Linux gcc-2.95.3 No problems. Have tried on Debian (2.2 and Woody), Mandrake 8.1, RedHat 7.1
SGI Irix gcc-2.95.3 No problems. Note, the native sgi compilers seem to have issues with C++ string handling.
BeOS - 5.0.3 and 5.1 (dano) gcc-2.9-beos You will need to copy the C++ header "sstream" from a "complete" gcc installation for compilation to work. I simply logged into my Linux box and ftp'd /usr/include/src/g++-3/sstream to /boot/develop/headers/cpp. Compilation works, and final builds execute, but "cout" commands are problematic. I will look at this in a next version of the library.
Windows (CYGWIN) gcc-2.95-2 Similar to the BeOS version, you might need to copy the C++ header "sstream". As before, and from a cygwin session, I ftp'd to a Linux box and copied /usr/include/src/g++-3/sstream to /usr/include/src/g++-3/. Compilation worked and output of built executables was as expected.

I really have no idea why the gcc/g++ ports on BeOS and CYGWIN don't seem to have the sstream header, or why simply copying one over from a "complete" gcc installation seems to work. But it does, and in the final analysis I suppose that's what matters.

Build / install notes

Once you've downloaded and unpacked the archive, there are two ways in which to build the library.

From within kdevelop (the Integrated Development Environment bundled with KDE), simply load the kdevelop project, and compile as you would any KDE project. You might need to do a 'distClean' followed by a 'Configure'.

From the command line, 'cd' to the root directory of the unpacked archive:

>export CXXFLAGS="-fexceptions"
>cd cmatrix/demos

If you're using a csh derivative as your command shell, replace the export command with:

>setenv CXXFLAGS "-fexceptions"